The Welder’s Dog
We started The Welder’s Dog to provide experiences built on foundations of flavour, atmosphere and connection that increase the happiness and wellbeing of everyone around us. And it works – some boffins at Oxford even did a study to prove it... People who hang out, chill and enjoy a few brews with mates are happier people. It’s science. At the core of everything we do is a love of our local community, and a desire to see everyone around us smiling. It’s not just about the beer. It’s about championing our local producers, about giving our patrons a place to discover and enjoy their produce, it’s about bringing new exciting events to our region, and about making the tastiest bloody beer you’ve ever had – because that’s what we love. Our mission is for people to live in the present much like the proverbial ‘welder’s dog’, who is blind but happy and fulfilled by his owner’s companionship. The dog lives fully in each moment, finding joy in each experience that he’s gifted. Every day is a fresh start, and every experience by his owner’s side brings its own happiness.
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