Travellin’ Still The Songs of Slim Dusty with Slim’s Touring Band Featuring Pete Denahy

West Tamworth League Club (Wests) - The Event Centre

When Slim Dusty’s Travelling Country Band played their last full show with Slim in 2002, the band members all went their separate ways.
Front man Pete Denahy said he was very much looking forward to getting back on stage with the band. “This will be like putting on an old comfortable pair of boots. (I) can’t wait to be playing the boss’s great old songs again,” he said. “I never thought we’d be playing these songs again in these venues!”
Rod Coe – bass; Slim’s longtime producer and a man who has seen more of Slim inside a studio than anyone.
Mike Kerin – fiddle; Slim’s longest serving fiddle player – over 25 years in the band.
Jeff Mercer – lead guitar; Slim’s right hand man on stage, keeping “the sound” alive.
Doug Gallacher – drums; also the long-time drummer with the Midday Show Band on Ch9
Pete Denahy – guitar and vocals; Slim’s last band member who played as a musician and support artist.

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