The Mason Boys

Tudor Hotel - Front Bar

The Mason Boys aren’t your usual country band. They will shake the foundations with pure energy and the excitement of modern Country/Rock. With a sound that draws from classic rock, country, and blues influences, this band's music is both familiar and fresh, appealing to audiences of all ages and musical tastes. Their songs tell stories of love, heartbreak, drinking, and the joys and struggles of everyday life, infused with a spirit of optimism and a fierce sense of independence. Add some tender and heartfelt country ballads, and well-known country/rock covers, and you have the outfit for all occasions.

Born and raised on the outskirts of Melbourne, this high-energy 4-piece country rock band has been electrifying stages across the country with their powerful performances and infectious melodies. Whether they're playing at intimate venues or rocking out on larger stages, this band's passion for music and dedication to their craft shines through in every note they play. Fronted by a charismatic lead singer with a distinctive voice that blends the twang of classic country with the raw energy of rock, this band has earned a reputation for delivering electrifying live shows that leave audiences begging for more.

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