Phoebe Hutchison

Tamworth City Bowling Club

Phoebe Hutchison, singer, songwriter, author and counsellor, is fully trained in Opera, yet chooses to sing country rock ballads. Phoebe has been singing professionally since the 90’s, and is just finishing her 3rd album entitled, This Little Town of Mine, written for Bairnsdale. Phoebe has teamed up with close friends, Laurel and Glenn Calvert, hubby, Dave, and son, Karl, to form The Laurel and Phoebe Band, performing songs 60’s – now, and originals! They performed at The Country Music Festival, Sale, supporting artists such as Adam Brand, 19/11/22. Phoebe was on Rage TV with her original song/video clip, Simon Says, in 2001. In Tamworth 2024, Phoebe will appear in many TSA appearances supported by Laurel Calvert, with some full band gigs.

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