Catch MAXON's debut appearance at Tamworth with a series of street performances outside Cafe Vivaldi and a special feature on the FanZone stage!!

MAXON's performances at Tamworth will begin a string of shows across Australia for her 'Summer Tour' before she gears up to release some new music from her debut album that was recently finished with producer Jono Steer (Ainslee Wills, This Way North, Gretta Ray).

MAXON is currently shaking audiences with her trademark vocal and boundless song-writing talents. Her writing is stylistic of a diary entry; clandestine and forthright. Such confessional writing is bound to a vulnerable stage presence and a voice soaked in command, as MAXON’s audiences witness the tale of the gifted singer and her battle through the trials and tribulations of love and its conditions.

As an artist, MAXON’s true desire with her music is to spread the message of unconditional love, in an effort to help people work through their heartbreak around being let down in this way. Her story comes with a lifetime of struggle for acceptance notched into her belt. Despite a heavy heart and track lines rusted into her cheeks, MAXON has a light spirit that is begging to share the love.

Catch MAXON and her guitarist Ryan Lim daily outside Cafe Vivaldi from 11am-4:45pm and on the FanZone stage on Peel Street on 24th Jan at 5:30pm.

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