Graham is being joined by some outstanding, award-winning artists on his two concerts at the Community Centre, Darling Street. Kiara Rodrigues joins Graham on the 22nd January and Col Hardy, Gus and Sherri Olding on the 23rd January at 9:30am. A combination not to be seen together again throughout the festival.
At Graham’s concerts you will be lost in the emotions and theatres of your mind with the songs but also be ready to have experiences of laughter, camaraderie and pure joy which will remain in your memories forever.
Graham Rodger is an Australian Country music songwriter and performer. Graham is universally acknowledged as one of Australia’s finest writers having won over 100 Awards, including the Golden Guitar. He has been honoured by inclusion in The Hands of Fame Memorial and was recognised for his song writing with a perpetual bronze plaque “Song Maker of The Year 2023” on the Wall of Fame Tamworth.
Don’t miss these outstanding concerts in the beautiful, air-conditioned Tamworth Community Centre, Darling Street.

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