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Darlinghurst, along with their band, will be performing all the songs from their #1 ARIA Country Album plus their latest top 5 hit single “Pretty Doesn’t Make You Good’.

This is an all-ages show.
Special guest to be announced!
Since the release of their debut single, Darlinghurst’s career has been going from strength to strength, with 4 x 1 Country songs, a #1 ARIA Country Album, and winning their first Golden Guitar for New Talent of the Year at the 2022 50th Australian Country Music Awards.
Consisting of Jason Resch, Pagan Newman, Cassie Leopold and Matt Darvidis, all four members share vocal responsibilities, blending together in sumptuous harmonies to create a fifth voice - Darlinghurst.

With all four members combining their different musical influences and experiences, Darlinghurst have created a fresh sound in the Australian country scene that’s as accessible as it is unique. Grounded in refined songwriting, a keen ear for melody, relatable lyricism and exceptional performances, the band has a broad appeal that has been reflected in the success of Darlinghurst to date.

20 mins


Toyota Fanzone


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