Col Elliott – Guilty As Charged

Tamworth Community Centre - Heritage Room

Col Elliott has been pushing our belly-laugh buttons for just on 50 years. He is one of Australia’s most loved and in demand performers, Col takes his audience on an incredible ride with his stand-up, his zany characters and his unique brand of story-telling and music... ..He does it all.

His many album and DVD releases have not only given him gold and platinum status but have generated a huge fan base which manages to cross all generational boundaries both in comedy and country.

His first taste of business was in his Navy days, moonlighting in the bars of Singapore and Hong Kong for drinks and tips. He left the Navy in 1972 and as Col puts it, he wasn’t quite prepared for Civilian life. He joined the Navy as a boy of 16... He was sent to Vietnam at 17 and experienced much... he is a proud Vet and has recorded his feelings in songs like “All gave Some” written for him by his mate Allan Caswell.

18+ Only

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