Radio announcers Brian Nankervis and Jacinta Parsons have an expression they use when something serendipitous happens or a bizarre coincidence occurs on their show on the ABC in Melbourne.

They call it Cadd Magic.

It seems appropriate, because it’s certainly been a magical journey for this Australian singer and songwriter. “Whatever the forces in the universe are that determine our earthly journeys, they have been particularly kind and generous to me,” Brian Cadd wrote in his autobiography, From This Side Of Things. “I have led about three lifetimes.”

The story starts in Perth and it’s taken Brian all around the world, including stints with The Flying Burrito Brothers and as the musical director for the “French Elvis”, Johnny Hallyday. He arranged and played on ‘The Real Thing’ and wrote and sang the theme for the Alvin Purple movie. He wrote for and performed on the soundtrack for the iconic surf movie Morning Of The Earth. He wrote ‘Don’t You Know It’s Magic’, which won Most Outstanding Composition at the World Popular Song Festival in Tokyo. He signed Tina Arena and produced her debut single. He also wrote a song for Return Of The Living Dead Part II, auditioned for the piano player’s role in This Is Spinal Tap and was asked to join the Bee Gees band.

It’s been a long, strange trip. Along the way, Brian Cadd – who was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 2007 – has earned the love and respect of his peers. Jimmy Barnes says: “Brian Cadd is one of my heroes. He has a body of work like Ray Charles and Hank Williams.”

“Brian Cadd is one of the finest songwriters Australia has ever produced,” adds Ian “Molly” Meldrum, whose first job in the music industry was as a roadie for The Groop, Brian’s band in the ’60s. Molly once introduced the artist to Elton John by saying: “Brian is probably to Australia what you are to England.”

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