ABBA Joy McKean and Rick & Thel Carey Tribute Concert

Balladeers Homestead - Salvation Army Centre - Auditorium

The Australian Bush Balladeers Association proudly present a tribute multi artist concert with artists performing songs from Joy McKean and Rick & Thel Carey.
The Bronze Bust for Rick & Thel Carey will be unveiled at the 2024 Tamworth Country Music Festival Friday 19th morning.

Artists: Lynne Carey, Dean Perrett, Dianne Lindsay & Peter Simpson, Coad Sisters, Lorraine Pfitzner, Rod and Rhonda Owen, Zac Anthony, and Jeff Brown.

Hosts: Peter Coad & Lorraine Pfitzner

Band: Rob Walters, Jim Hermel, Anthony Baxter, Virginia Coad.

Tix at the door
$20 (ABBA Members)

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